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Surgical Marking Pens Market By Type, By Manufacturers, Regions, Industry Analysis & Forecast By 2018 – 2026

Surgical Marking Pens: Introduction

Surgical marking instruments are specifically used during surgical procedures. They are widely used in healthcare facilities throughout the world in different forms. The surgical marking pens are used on the patient’s body before the surgical procedure to mark the boundaries and perform any major incision. The concept of marking on the surgical site is the most commonly followed practice by healthcare professionals worldwide for the ease of the procedure. Surgical marking pens are widely accepted due to its compatibility and easy-to-use behavior. Surgical marking instruments are essential for making surgical procedure efficient and accurate.

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High Adoption of Surgical Marking Pens

Surgical marking pens have different properties such as clear visibility, biocompatibility, non-toxic behavior and sterile factor, including operating on the correct side of the patient and/or the correct anatomical location. Surgical pens compete with surgical markers in terms of adoption at few institutional levels, but surgical marking pens are comparatively more prevalent than surgical marking markers. Surgical marking pens are ideal for a wide set of operations as the new advancements in them offer surgeons to prepare effectively whilst minimizing the risk. The common remarks observed in assessing the marking pens are that they are latex free, sterile or non-sterile, tip type, single use convenience and with large ink reservoir. The gentian violet ink has antifungal properties, which is used in the majority of surgical marking pen.

Factors Driving and Restraining the Surgical Marking Pens Market

The global market for surgical marking instruments is driven by increasing surgical procedures and trauma injuries. Technological advancements and availability of product variant in the market is likely to increase the revenue over the forecast period. They are used in pre-operative prepping and are ideal for use in plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery, and increasing surgical procedures all over the world and high adoption of surgical marking pens by the healthcare professionals are major factors driving the growth of the surgical marking pens market. In 2015, over 4 million procedures of plastic surgery were performed in the U.S. alone, chin implants increased by 76%. But when population is accounted for, South Korea tops the list of plastic surgery globally. A wide range of surgical marking pens are available in the market with different properties and at low cost, which significantly increase the demand for surgical marking pens. Likewise, the high adoption of surgical marking pen is due to its visibility and sharpness. However, risk and infection associated with surgical marking instruments can lead to cross-contamination as well as incorrect site marking and lack of guidelines are some of the factors that may hamper the growth of the surgical marking pens market.

Surgical Marking Pens in Hospitals

Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers and Specialty Clinics are the major end-use segments in the surgical marking pens market. Hospital segment contributes maximum share in the global surgical marking pens market, as large number of surgical procedures are performed in hospitals on a regular basis. Also, high demand for surgical marking pens is observed in the Ambulatory Surgical Centers due to its regular use in surgical procedures.

Regional Outlook

North America followed by Europe will continue to dominate the global surgical marking pens market in terms of revenue over the forecast period, owing to high awareness and adequate healthcare facilities the region. Furthermore, increasing prevalence of chronic disease is expected to result in higher demand for the surgical procedure over the forecast period. Asia Pacific (exc. China) is expected to have significant growth over the forecast period due to improving healthcare infrastructure and increasing awareness among healthcare professionals as well as patients.

Competition Outlook

Examples of some of the players identified in the global surgical marking pens market are Viscot Medical, LLC Aspen Surgical (Hill Rom), Cardinal Health, Viomedex, First Aid Bandage Company (FABCO), Accu-line Products, Inc., Surgmed, and Ansell Sandel Medical Solutions LLC, among others. Major companies hold a high share in the market due to their strong presence, but are continuously being challenged by the new manufacturers. The market is distributed according to the regional preferences and adoption rate of the surgical pens in various services.

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Majority of surgical marking instrument manufacturers offer surgical marking pens.

surgical marking pens market

Small-Scale Manufacturers/Providers Medium-Scale Manufacturers/Providers Large-Scale Manufacturers/Providers
  • Purple Surgical
  • Dispomedica
  • McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc.
  • First Aid Bandage Company (FABCO)
  • MB Holding (3teks)
  • Accu-line Products, Inc.
  • Ansell Sandel Medical Solutions LLC
  • Viscot Medical, LLC
  • Viomedex
  • Surgmed
  • Aspen Surgical (Hill Rom)
  • Cardinal Health

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