Melania Trump asks her husband to dismiss an executive from the administration

US First Lady Melania Trump on Tuesday called for the dismissal of a close associate of John Bolton, Donald Trump’s national security adviser, a new illustration by the press of internal struggles within the White House.

“The first lady’s position is that she no longer deserves the honor of working at the White House,” Trump spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said in a statement about Mira Ricardel. number two of the national security council.

The presidency, for its part, denied the dismissal of Ms. Ricardel, a target of criticism from Melania Trump employees since his trip to Africa in early October, according to the press.

For the Wall Street Journal , citing sources familiar with the problem, it included “Placement in the aircraft and requests for use of resources of the National Security Council.”

Ms. Trump’s team also suspects Ms. Ricardel of being at the origin of “negative stories” about the first lady and her collaborators.


The blurring around this collaborator illustrates, for the press, the dissensions between the various currents within the White House, which burst of rumors of departures after the dismissal, last week, of the secretary of Justice Jeff Sessions .

Mr. Bolton is a neo-conservative and one of the leaders of “hawks”, advocates of unilateralism among Republicans. In the strategic role of the White House Secretary General, John Kelly has been trying since his arrival last year to impose discipline around the US president.

In his latest book, the journalist Bob Woodward says that Mr. Kelly said, “We are at the madmen” talking about the White House, leading to a formal denial of the person.

According to the press, Ricardel was also the subject of heated discussions between John Bolton and John Kelly.

She reportedly verbally confronted Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen – a protégé of John Kelly – on the management of South American migrants arrested at the border.

Nielsen is also about to be fired, the Washington Post said on Tuesday .

Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Trump refused to say more about these rumors. “We will talk about it again,” he told the press on the sidelines of a ceremony at the White House, which was attended by Mrs. Ricardel.

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