Missouri Republican candidate’s children discourage voters from voting for him

The son and daughter of a Missouri legislature urge people not to vote for him, saying he regularly marries racist and homophobic views and hates Jews, like Muslims.

Steve West, 64, won the Republican Primaries of August for a seat in northwestern Missouri.

“I can not imagine he’s part of any level of government,” his daughter, Emily West, told Kansas City Star last Monday.

On Tuesday, his son, Andy West, told the newspaper that his father is “a fanatic” who needs to be arrested. “If he is elected, it would legitimize him,” said West. “Then he would become an official of the state, and he says that Jews should not even have civil rights.”

Comments condemned by the Republicans

Steve West regularly speaks on a radio show called The Hard Truth with Jack Justice . In his October 15 broadcast, he complained in particular about relations between the United States and Israel.

“They gave us gay marriage, pornography, abortion, everything that is anti-Christian. That’s what they do. This is how they corrupt a Christian nation because they are an anti-Christian people, “he said.

After Steve West’s victory in August, the Missouri Republican Party issued a statement in which he said “his odious rhetoric has absolutely no place in the Missouri Republican Party or anywhere else. We condemn his remarks without reserve “.

Steve West, however, denies being anti-Semitic. He denounced Monday the Saturday shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue and said that some of his comments were taken out of context.

“I would never tolerate any violence against a people because of race, religion, or anything else,” he said.

Family Disagreement

Andy West does not think his father can commit acts of violence, but he says he has the same goal as the Pittsburgh shooter, which is “the expulsion of the Jews from America.”

While West says his father’s opinions have caused the disagreement between him and his children, Steve West accuses his ex-wife of being the cause of their rejection.

“I had a difficult divorce with my ex-wife, she poisoned my children, and I have to live with it,” he lamented.

Emily West says she has not spoken to her father since he rejected his suggestion to abandon the race.

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