Scientist in Antarctica arrested for allegedly stabbing coworker who spoiled book endings

A Russian researcher on an Antarctic base stabbed a welder in the heart because he told him about the end of the books he was reading on October 9th.

55-year-old Sergey Savitsky attacked Oleg Beloguzov, 52, in the canteen of the Russian station Bellingshausen on King George Island, according to the Russian news agency Interfax.

The victim was flown to a Chilean military hospital where he was able to survive his injuries.

This is the first known attempted murder in Antarctica.

Initial investigations reveal, Sergey Savitsky was trying to escape from boredom, by reading a book. But his colleague Oleg Beloguzov amused himself with telling him the end of his novels. Irritated, he attacked him with a kitchen knife during a meal.

His gesture was probably exacerbated by extreme isolation and excess alcohol.

The suspect has been transferred to St. Petersburg, Russia, where he will be tried for attempted murder. Without a prison or police station, the suspect was locked up in the base church for ten days while waiting for his transfer to his country.

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